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Eva M’s story

4th January 2016

Emma’s daughter Eva was unwell for a few days in February 2014 with fever, vomiting and drowsiness, and she had difficulty waking her

Eva M’s story

But, despite this, it took a number of visits to health professionals before meningitis was diagnosed.

Emma, from Kettering in Northamptonshire, tells their story here.

“My daughter was unwell for a few days. We took her to A&E and were almost transferred to the paediatric ward but, after more Calpol, her temperature dropped and we were sent home.

“Still concerned, as Eva was far from her usual self, we went to the doctors and saw the nurse practitioner. They said the same thing - more Calpol!

“As a desperate attempt, we went to the out of hours surgery at 2am after calling NHS Direct and saw a paediatric nurse, who finally examined our daughter properly.

“She was deathly white, had shallow breathing, was dehydrated and a bulging fontanelle. Upon her calling the hospital for admittance the doctor on call was still suggesting it was a virus and we should go home.

Treatment starts

“Thankfully, her persistence got us admitted and a lumbar puncture was performed and revealed meningitis. Only then did proper treatment start.

“Eva did make a full recovery thankfully. If the correct diagnosis was given on our initial visit to A&E it would have saved much suffering.

“I still feel enormous guilt for not being 'pushier' and we owe tremendous gratitude to the nurse who finally got her admitted. It had seemed like a battle before treatment had started!

“I know meningitis is difficult to diagnose, but I do feel I was judged as an over-concerned parent and proper examinations weren't being performed. I think it's all too commonly assumed to be a virus.”