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George M's story

27th January 2017

One-year-old George, from Epping in Essex, became ill soon after Christmas during a family break in Brighton. There was no rash but mum Carly trusted her mother’s instinct and rushed him to hospital. Fortunately he responded well to treatment and despite potential ongoing issues has recovered well. Carly recounts their story here

George M's story

“On Boxing Day night my little boy had a temperature and was sick.

The next morning he seemed quiet but a little better. I just put it down to having a bug and the tiredness of Christmas excitement.

“We were staying in Brighton for a few days away from our home in Essex. We put our son George in the buggy and went for a walk along the seafront. George fell asleep and, about an hour later, I looked in the buggy and he had blue lips and nails. I grabbed him out of the buggy and he was limp.

“We immediately got in a taxi to the nearest A & E (which luckily was the amazing Royal Alex Children’s Hospital). On the way he was being sick and was lifeless. His hands and feet were cold.

Didn’t consider meningitis

“When we got to A & E he was seen quickly but they weren’t immediately concerned as there was no rash. I didn't even consider meningitis as I had George privately vaccinated and thought that that covered all strains of meningitis.

“Luckily we were seen quickly by an amazing doctor, who knew straight away he was seriously ill. George was too ill for a lumbar puncture but the doctor treated him for meningitis, which saved his life.

“Within two hours of us thinking he was unwell he was in the resus room hooked up to a drip, heart monitor and being given oxygen.

All happened so quickly

“George's kidneys were starting to fail and he had acute kidney injury. It all happened so quickly we were in shock. Forty-eight hours later meningococcal septicaemia was confirmed.

“Luckily George responded amazingly to the antibiotics. He was on an IV drip for seven days but he is now home. We are waiting on a hearing test and more blood tests. We have been warned of potential developmental issues but we are just extremely grateful to have our lovely boy.

“I just want other mums to know just because there is no rash and you have had your child immunised don't rule out meningitis. Also gut instinct played a massive part in it all. It's now been confirmed by public health the strain George had was menW. They have now immunised my other child, Freddie.“