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Georgia's story

1st August 2009

Toddler Georgia's death hit the headlines in August 2009 after doctors twice misdiagnosed her as having swine flu. Her parents Paul and Tasha have embarked on a fundraising mission in her memory

Georgia's story

Georgia initially fell ill with a slight temperature before being sick and coming out in a rash.

Her family contacted their local health centre, the swine flu helpline, NHS Direct, the emergency services and a paramedic.

Symptoms of meningitis

On two of these occasions they were told she had swine flu, despite Paul and Tasha insisting she had all the symptoms of meningitis.

Paul said: "She had absolutely every symptom of meningitis other than an aversion to bright light. By the time the paramedic arrived she was covered in a rash but he came in with Tamiflu so had diagnosed her without even checking her condition. If swine flu hadn't been so prevalent then I think our concerns would have been taken more seriously."

Tests have since confirmed that Georgia died of Group A Streptococcal Meningitis, which is a very rare form of the disease.

Her family is awaiting the result of an inquest into her death before taking action against the hospital.

In the meantime they're focusing their attentions on fundraising and have already completed a sponsored speed dating night and a Norwich to Paris bike ride.