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Jackson T's story

21st November 2017

Laura’s young son Jackson was more irritable than usual and had a high temperature. Doctors sent him to hospital straight away where Jackson, from Haverhill in Suffolk, was found to have contracted viral meningitis. Fortunately he’s made a good recovery, as Laura recounts here

Jackson T's story

“My son Jackson was seven months old when he became unwell.

He had been more irritable than usual for a few days, quite grizzly which I put down to teething.

“After a couple of days Jackson became very poorly very quickly. His temperature rocketed to 39.7 and he was completely inconsolable. I could tell he was in pain and he couldn't bear to be held or even touched.

Rushed to doctors

“I rushed him to the doctors and could not believe my ears when she said he may have sepsis and he needs to go to hospital straight away. An ambulance came and rushed us to A&E where a team of fantastic doctors were waiting for us. They took Jackson and wired him up fitted him with IV drips, fluids and did blood tests.

“A little later on they informed me that he needed a lumber puncture. I was so upset as I was not allowed to be in the room when they performed this. After what felt like the longest 72 hours of my life the doctors confirmed that he had viral meningitis.

Allowed to go home

“Jackson stayed in for a few more days having fluids and being cared for by the nurses before he was allowed to go home. I am so grateful that he has made a full recovery and is now a thriving 18 month old.

“Jackson being poorly has made me very anxious and worried all the time that he might get poorly again. If he gets a temperature I automatically think that he is going to end up in hospital. Hearing the word meningitis is so scary and I never want to have to see my child or anyone I know go through being so poorly again.”