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Jade L's story

10th January 2021

Jade, from Tenby in Pembrokeshire, was 21 in 2015 when she became ill with a severe headache, vomiting and aching all over

Jade L's story

Doctors initially suspected a kidney infection, but Jade had contracted viral meningitis, as she tells us here.

“I woke up one day with a really bad head. The following day I felt even worse, with pain all over my whole body. My muscles were aching so bad, my head felt like someone was jumping on it.

“Every time I sipped some water I was vomiting. I could only lay flat with no lights on.

“I told my partner, "Something is wrong! Phone the doctors please." He said, "There's nothing wrong with you, go to sleep." I said: "If you don't ring the doctors for me I will phone an ambulance myself."

Struggled to walk

“He rang the doctors and I struggled to walk in to the surgery but managed it somehow.

“I explained to the doctor how I was feeling and he said I had a kidney infection, but sent me to the hospital to be sure.

“When I got to the hospital they knew straight away it was meningitis.

“I was so shocked as I had bacterial meningitis when I was 2 and didn't know you could get it twice! After a week in hospital I was feeling a lot better. I am very lucky.

“But I think meningitis has affected my memory. Since I had it in 2015 I can’t remember things for very long!”