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Jordan B’s story

25th April 2018

Raigan’s young son, Jordan, from Canvey Island in Essex, showed no signs of meningitis until a rash appeared overnight. Thankfully he went on to make a good recovery. Raigan tells their story here

Jordan B’s story

“My son was three months old and had slept and fed as normal throughout the night.

“When I got up to change him for his morning feed his arms and legs were covered in an angry dark purple rash. I doubted meningitis as he had not shown signs of any of the other symptoms but thankfully went to hospital to be safe. He was rushed to Great Ormond Street Hospital and was in intensive care for just over two weeks. He fitted twice and nearly lost his left leg.

“Thankfully he got better and was released 16 days later. He’s now 21 and although heavily scarred he shows no after-effects from this vicious disease. He’s studying at university to be an interior designer. He's my miracle but only thanks to the tireless efforts of the hospital and the clinical advances.”