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Kristof's story

4th August 2020

When Kristof suddenly started experiencing the worst headache of his life back in June this year, he initially put it down to stress

Kristof's story

But as his symptoms worsened and he began vomiting, 30-year-old Kristof, from Manchester, knew he needed to get medical help. He tells us his story:

“It was about 9pm on a Tuesday evening and all of a sudden I was hit with the worst headache I have ever experienced. I wasn't overly worried, as I thought it might just be stress, but my symptoms just got worse.

“I contacted my GP and after a few appointments I was taken to my local hospital in an ambulance. Even then, I worried I was being overly cautious, but I could tell something was wrong.

“I was in hospital for 6 nights, and due to Covid-19 no visitors were allowed, which made things harder, but the nurses and doctors were great under all the pressure of what was going on. Eventually, after many tests including a lumbar puncture and CT scans, it was confirmed as viral meningitis.

Still struggling

“I don't think I appreciated the severity of it until I left hospital and researched it. I am now just over 5 weeks out of hospital and in the early stages of recovery. I’m still struggling a lot with headaches, pressure in my head, backache, earache and exhaustion, but having reached out to Meningitis Now I feel more supported in my recovery and know that someone is always there to reach out to.

“I’m currently off work and my after-effects make it harder to function, but with time and the right support I’m confident I will get better – I just have to take it one day at a time.”