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Layton's story

27th October 2009

Smiling toddler Layton died suddenly from meningitis on October 27, 2009, aged 16 months

Layton's story

Layton's mum Kimberley along with partner David, initially took Layton to the hospital on Thursday, five days before he died, because he was under the weather.

Doctors diagnosed bronchiolitis and sent him home the following day having ruled out swine flu.

Kimberley added: "Layton appeared to get better on the Saturday and Sunday but when I collected him from my mother-in-law’s on Monday he was very sleepy and had cold hands and feet. He wasn't himself and slept from 11.30am to 3pm. When he woke up his temperature was through the roof so I got an emergency appointment at the doctors at 4pm."

Referred straight to hospital

"The GP was really worried and referred us straight to the hospital. By this point his heart rate was 200 beats per minute and we noticed a pinprick rash was appearing. His temperature had dropped slightly but I think that's because he had been stripped down to his nappy.

At about 7pm the doctor sent us home, saying Layton's rash was a viral one caused by the bronchiolitis." Layton had started to be sick by the time Kimberley and David got him home. They took him back to hospital shortly before 11pm, when he was seen straight away and put on a ventilator but sadly it was too late and Layton died at 4.45am."

Covered from head to toe

Kimberley added: "He was covered from head to toe in a dark purple rash by the time we returned to the hospital. He deteriorated so quickly in the short space of time that we had been at home.

We're still so shocked. Hopefully other parents will read this and know what symptoms to look out for. Layton had a rash, cold hands and feet, was being sick, had a high heart rate and temperature. These should all set alarm bells ringing.

Hopefully the money we raise will help Meningitis Now find a vaccine for this devastating disease but in the meantime, parents and doctors need to make sure they're alert, particularly at this time of year when people are at greater risk from meningitis."

Layton's family has lodged a complaint with Sunderland General Hospital and is considering legal action. Over £13,000 has now been raised in memory of Layton thanks to the continued efforts of his family.