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Lenny R’s story

14th December 2017

Little Lenny was not feeding, crying when being picked up and had cold hands and feet. Mum Donna, from Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire, called the hospital, which immediately started to treat him for suspected meningitis. Donna recounts their story

Lenny R’s story

“Lenny was only six-days-old when he became ill.

We thought it was strange he had slept through the night and hadn't woken for a bottle.

I picked him up and he felt hot so I took his temp and it was 39.5.

“The day before Lenny had been crying when we picked him up and was off his feeds. I called the hospital straightaway and was told to take him to A & E.

Checking his signs

“After checking his signs for sepsis Lenny was sent straight to a ward where a doctor was waiting for us. They said they were checking and treating him for meningitis. Lenny had his lumbar puncture within half an hour of being at hospital and various blood tests. He had no energy and did not even cry through the procedure; he was so limp.

“They started a range of antibiotics whilst we waited for the results. Five days later it was confirmed Lenny had a strain of viral meningitis.

“He began to improve and was allowed home after a week. Lenny is now 18-months-old and is developing well. He is still under consultant care and has regular check ups but does not seem to have any lasting after-effects that we are aware of. The Meningitis Now website was a great help – it’s comforting to read other people's stories at such a difficult and scary time.”