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Lucie's story

28th December 2010

Kayleigh Bussey knew something was wrong when her daughter Lucie refused a feed. As her daughter became more and more ill she faced every parent's worst nightmare, her daughter had meningitis

Lucie's story

"Tuesday, December 28 2010 was like any other day. My partner Ste and I got our three children up.

While the eldest two children played with their new toys I noticed my daughter Lucie wasn't her usual five-month-old bouncy self.

As the day went on Lucie refused to drink her milk and was very sleepy. I called the out of hours doctor and was given an appointment at an out of hours surgery. Lucie's appointment was at 5.30pm and we arrived soon after 5.15pm, by which time she was covered in a rash and very floppy.

After being told they were running an hour late I was getting very anxious and worried about Lucie. I went to the reception desk a few times to ask how long it would be and all of a sudden she was sick everywhere so they rushed her in front of people."

Second opinion

"When we finally got to see the doctor she told me that it was basically nothing to worry about as the spots went away, but I knew something wasn't right and told her that only some went away when pressure was put on. I asked for a second opinion and asked to take her to Leeds General Infirmary.

The doctor wrote me a letter and I headed to the hospital, unaware of what the future was about to bring.

As we arrived at LGI I took her into A&E where I handed my letter in and explained that I thought it was meningitis. Lucie and I sat there again for nearly two hours before we were seen by someone.

By this time she was very floppy, unresponsive and had a very high temp. We were rushed to a ward and tests later revealed that she was positive for meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia.

She stayed in hospital for five days and after a course of treatment was allowed home. Now, after 14 days of medicine through an IV drip, she is all better and back to her happy self.

I cannot bear to think about what might have happened to Lucie if I didn't take her for that second opinion. I am very grateful to everyone who has helped her but I believe that doctors do need more training on how to pick up on this.

Lucie was very lucky but after reading some stories on your website I realise that not everyone is as lucky as her."