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Luke's story

10th December 2016

Zoe’s son Luke, from Telford in Shropshire, has suffered twice from meningitis – when he was 10-months-old in 2002 and again when he was 4 four years old. Fortunately he has survived both times although the disease has left him with after-effects, as Zoe recounts here

Luke's story

“Luke was just not himself. He had a high temperature and seemed to be in pain when he moved.

I stripped him off to cool him and noticed two small marks on his stomach. I did the glass test and they stayed, so we went straight to hospital where he was diagnosed with meningococcal septicaemia.

“Luke suffered partial deafness and has learning and emotional issues. In 2002 when he was 10-months-old he also had meningoencephalitis.

In hospital for three weeks

“He was asleep and when he woke his right eye was turned in towards his nose. He had also been unwell in himself that day with a temperature and vomiting. I went to the doctors who said to go back two days later so he could compare his eye with that day.

“When I got home the doctor phoned and said he had been thinking about it and to go straight to the children's ward at hospital. Luke was in hospital for three weeks and has been left with a very weak eye and speech problems.

“I have spoken to a regional advisor regarding emotional issues following meningitis who gave me some very good advice and we also did a Toddle Waddle when Luke was 2 with his friends at nursery raising over £1000.”