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Rachel L's story

12th January 2018

Forty-year-old Rachel became ill with extreme photosensitivity, excruciating headache, vision loss, nausea, vomiting and slurred speech. It wasn’t the first time she’d become ill with similar symptoms. Rachel, from Southwell in Nottinghamshire, tells her story here

Rachel L's story

“I had the same symptoms at 18, but was told then it was a migraine.

“When they reappeared in 2014, the doctor did a home visit and suspected meningitis, but there was only a slight elevation in my temperature. I was taken to hospital in an ambulance, but because I had no real temperature, I was told it couldn't be meningitis.

“I was on a trolley in A&E for four hours with just a blindfold. Four days later a lumbar puncture confirmed viral meningitis.

Photosensitivity and migraines

“I still have photosensitivity. I get migraines if I'm in bright light for longer than an hour.

“I still get chronic headaches too. Nortryptiline was prescribed, but stopped working as well so now I'm about to start Toperamate.

“I have to admit to being scared it could happen again.

“Meningitis Now just being there has helped – knowing I'm not alone. They took me seriously; viral is often overlooked. Just knowing I have support means a lot.”