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Rachel S's story

4th December 2017

25 year old Rachel from Cardiff contracted meningitis when she was just one year old. Here, she shares her story

Rachel S's story

"I don't particularly remember it very well, other than the stories I was told while growing up and videos from around that time.

"My parents spoke about how I never slept and would cry constantly. They originally went to a doctor who told them I had a fever and it would go away. When the symptoms escalated further they contacted a doctor again who told them it was worse and I would need to go to hospital immediately. I was unconscious and on a drip for around a week - I had my own room and my family was unable to visit unless they had the correct attire on.

"I don't remember how long I was in hospital but I do remember it feeling like a long time. Once I was home I had to learn to do many things again, such as crawling and walking.I have always wanted to help others who have/are going through what I went through. Meningitis Now has supported me through achieving this.

"Meningitis is something my family are much more aware of now, so when new kids are brought into our family the signs are always something we look out for if there’s ever an illness."