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Rebecca R's story

28th February 2020

Twenty-seven-year-old Rebecca, from Dereham in Norfolk, was at work last September when she thought she was getting a migraine. However this failed to respond to her usual medication and by the following day was worse than ever

Rebecca R's story

Her GP sent her to hospital, where tests revealed she had contracted viral meningitis. Rebecca tells her story here.

“I was at work as normal on a Thursday, albeit with a headache which I thought was progressing into a migraine, so I took my migraine medication and carried on. The lights began to irritate me more than normal, so I had another of my migraine tablets along with more painkillers.

“Come the Friday morning it was worse than my worst ever migraine, so I went to my GP. I had to have the lights off. My GP gave me a thorough check over and sent me to A&E.

“I sat in A&E for eight hours and had a few blood tests done and IV fluid taken. I was transferred to the neurology ward in a side room.

“On the Saturday the consultant came round and performed a lumbar puncture.

Masks, aprons and gloves

“Then all the staff were entering my room with masks, aprons and gloves on.

“I was told on the Monday I had vzv (varicella-zoster virus) meningitis. I had no signs of vzv apart from three small spots, which I thought were gnat bites.

“I spent one week in a side room on IV antiviral medication and all visitors and staff had to wear masks, aprons and gloves. I wasn’t allowed to see my 2-year-old boy.

“I was finally allowed home with two more days of oral antiviral medication.

“I had no follow up with doctors or consultants until I went to my GP with ongoing head pain. They referred me to the neurologist, who requested an mri scan. This came back normal and I am due to see the headache specialist soon!

“Five months later and I’m feeling back to normal, apart from daily headaches, increased frequency of migraines and head pains and feeling very anxious when I do get a migraine.”