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Rebuilding Futures Fund - lighting the road ahead

16th January 2024

As part of our pledge on World Meningitis Day 2023 to light the road ahead for people with an experience of meningitis, we continue to provide support via our Rebuilding Futures Fund.

RFF Zachary blog frame

“Zachary enjoys his time on this lovely piece of equipment…he is now able to take a few independent steps.”

Since Rebuilding Future Fund's inception in 2019 we have been providing bereavement and financial support, specialist equipment and opportunities to families who have been through the trauma of meningitis.

For hundreds of individuals and families, Rebuilding Futures Fund has been a lifeline that has helped to light the way ahead after the often shocking and life-changing impacts meningitis can have. For Zachary and his family, from Norfolk, Rebuilding Futures Fund has been a beacon of support.


We first met Zachary and his mum Rachael in 2020 when Zachary was still a baby (you can read his full story here.) Since we last caught up with the family, they have been in receipt of two Rebuilding Futures Fund awards.

Zachary was part of the cohort of young children growing up during the Covid lockdowns. This, along with the stroke he suffered due to his diagnosis of pneumococcal meningitis, has affected his development.

Rachael applied to the Rebuilding Futures Fund first in 2020 and Zachary was awarded a set of fiber optic lights which encouraged him to reach out with both hands (something he found difficult after his stroke) and to look around at the lights.

Zachary also received a standing ladder in 2022 to support him with learning to walk, which made a big difference in fostering his independence.


The latest support offering via Rebuilding Futures Fund has been a mobility trike which, for Zachary, is literally lighting the road ahead for his development, mobility and fun!

Rachael says; “We want Zachary to be able to play safely outside on suitable equipment alongside his sister and friends. Even after the first few times on the trike Zachary has expressed lots of joy and is showing awareness of independently pushing the pedals forwards and backwards. He enjoys his time on this lovely piece of equipment.”

Zachary was dubbed the ‘miracle baby’ after he survived two brain surgeries and a bout of meningitis doctors thought he was unlikely to overcome.


Rachel continues; “Zachary amazes us with what he has achieved despite everything he has been through and his ongoing various complex medical needs. He is now able to take a few independent steps, has a wonderful sense of humour and is generally a happy and content little boy.”

Here at Meningitis Now we are committed to continuing to meet the needs of those affected by meningitis, and to help families rebuild after often traumatic experiences.

We are proud of the 287 Rebuilding Futures Fund awards we have been able to make so far, which have an indelible and lasting impact on so many people's lives.