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Rosie S’s story

17th August 2017

Teresa’s daughter Rosie contracted viral meningitis nearly two years ago and until a few weeks ago was still suffering chronic after-effects. But a course of cranial osteopathy arranged by Meningitis Now has given Rosie her mojo back, in time for her forthcoming wedding to Gary. Teresa, from West Sussex, recounts their experience here

Rosie S’s story

“My 28-year-old daughter Rosie contracted viral meningitis in November 2015.

“Until a few weeks ago she was still suffering from the after-effects rather chronically - no energy, depression, sleepless nights, violent headaches. We were at a loss to how to get her well again. After reading so many blogs of despair for many, we were all feeling pretty hopeless.

“She had been prescribed anti-depressants by the doctor, which made her feel zombiefied and sick, so came off them after a few weeks as she'd rather have not masked the problem.

Friendly support

“We came across Meningitis Now after having a look on Google for some advice. Rosie got in touch and was amazed by the friendly support she received. It was such a relief for her speak to someone who understood how she was feeling. Through the NHS she’d agreed that some telephone one-to-one counselling may help.

“However, with my daughter's busy workload and having to take time out for the counselling, it was becoming more stressful for her. Meningitis Now was very kind and understanding that the timings were not good for her and suggested some cranial massage sessions, which she could have in the evenings.

Worked wonders

“She heard that acupuncture may help and she was already attending sessions for this. So, coupled with this and seeing an osteopath for cranial therapy, the two worked wonders for her. She has been making progress in just a few weeks.

“Today I asked her by percentage how she was feeling compared to how she was before the illness and she said pretty much 100%! She has her sparkle back.

“Her acupuncturist said that there was no point in seeing her further presently as she couldn't help someone who was better but to make an appointment in the future if she felt she needed it. As for the cranial osteopath, he would like to finish the course because he is still working on her energy and wants her to feel her best.

Eternally grateful

“All in all this amazing charity has given my daughter her life back, and we will all be eternally grateful. My daughter has been improving on a week-by-week basis. She said the osteopath was bl**dy amazing!!

“Rosie is getting married next January and was terrified that she wouldn't have any feelings and not enjoy the day. She now has her mojo back and couldn't be more excited! We’re happy to share this success story and hope it helps anyone who is suffering and is at a loss what to do next. We are amazed at her progress – she’s practically cured, so life is looking Rosie – my daughter’s name.”