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Samantha N's story

6th September 2019

Thirty-nine-year-old Samantha from Leybourne in Kent thought she had been overdoing it when she felt dizzy and sick. But as her symptoms mounted up to include lower back ache, a severe headache and loss of control of her right leg, she knew it was time to see a doctor

Samantha N's story

Samantha had contracted viral meningitis.

Six weeks on the symptoms still flare up when she gets tired, which is frustrating and unnerving, but slowly and surely she is starting to feel better, as she recounts here.

“I am an osteopath and put my symptoms at first down to being stressed and run down."

“Then the headache started. I saw an out of hours doctor who said it was possibly viral meningitis, but more likely to be tension headache. He said to go to A&E if I had any arm / leg symptoms the next day."

“I walked my daughter to preschool like I was drunk and knew from my job that something wasn’t right."

“I went to A&E and they CT scanned me for a stroke. Then, when that was clear, I had a lumbar puncture, which actually made the headache pressure better quite quickly."

Exhaustion and short-term memory issues

“I was diagnosed with viral meningitis and was on antivirals for five days. Then, when it was confirmed as enteroviral I was allowed home."

“I had permanent tinnitus until I had some cranial osteopathy from a colleague and am now left with exhaustion and short-term memory issues. I also mix up words and numbers."

“I am still only six weeks out and want to feel better than I do but know it will take time."

“The Meningitis Now website helped me massively while I was in hospital; just reading other people's stories and not feeling alone and knowing that all the things I was experiencing were ‘normal’ for the disease. So, thank you for this, and when I am 100% fit I will be doing fundraising for you to help and repay the comfort you gave to me."

“I am still very tired and exhausted after little movement but am getting stronger every day.”