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Stephen McK’s story

20th May 2018

Fifty-two-year-old Stephen, from Liverpool, is usually fit and well, so when a severe headache, lethargy, aching muscles and sensitivity to light struck in April he knew something serious was wrong

Stephen McK’s story

His GP sent him to hospital where viral meningitis was diagnosed.

Four weeks later he is determined to get back to work and normality. He recounts his experience here.

“I am normally an everyday fit person, although slightly overweight through not taking enough exercise. On a Sunday evening in April I was working from home on my laptop when I was hit with a sudden band of pain in my head and a general feeling of being unwell.

“I went to bed for a lie down, but the following day was the same. I took some migraine tablets and spent most of that day in bed, generally feeling unwell with the headache being the biggest symptom.

“On the third day I went to see my GP who sent me to the hospital immediately, where I was given a lumbar puncture based on my symptoms. They said that I may have bleeding on the brain and I was kept in hospital awaiting my lumbar puncture results, which came back about 30 hours later, confirming I had viral meningitis.

In hospital for four days

“I was in hospital in total for four days and then sent home to recover further with some medication.

“I have now been off work for four weeks and am only just starting to feel better. But I still have headaches, upper muscle pains, short-term memory loss and severe tinnitus (I’m waiting to see an audiologist at the hospital).

“My company has been supportive while I have been off but are now starting to get jittery and asking when will I be returning? I have offered to work from home next week with a view to going back to work full-time the following week.

“Even though I am still suffering with the after-effects as in headaches, a strange floating feeling in my head and muscle pains, I feel in myself that I have to return to work for normality.”