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Will H's story

17th December 2021

Will, from Birmingham, was 18 and preparing for his exams when he became ill, with symptoms including confusion, a bad headache, photophobia and vomiting

Viral meningitis case study Image generic

His dad took him to hospital, where viral meningitis was diagnosed.

Thankfully he has recovered well, although he is still aware of the after-effects, as he tells us here.

“On the morning of one of my A-level exams I felt a bit unwell in general. My arms hurt and I found it hard to type on my phone.

“I started to feel a bit better but then around 11am it got a lot worse, after trying to revise and getting very confused. I could not remember my own name, write my signature or communicate with anyone. I could still recognise faces though. I also had a bad headache, muscle pain and was vomiting.

“Luckily my girlfriend was able to help me as well as my sixth form and my dad later on. After my girlfriend texted him he came and took me to hospital.

Don’t remember much

“I don't remember much after that, but I had some tests and some scans and they found I had viral meningitis.

“Once I had received medication I came to later on in the day – around 6pm – and felt generally fine.

“I stayed in hospital for the week and went home feeling fine, which shows how important it is to recognise the symptoms and get the right treatment.

Still functioning

“I have had very few after-effects and I'm still functioning in the same way as I was before having meningitis, working without any issues in the workplace and at university.

“Meningitis Now has helped me through its Helpline and website, and through counselling and volunteering.

“I now understand a lot more now about meningitis and particularly the after-effects it has and the support that is available.

“Although it has a minimal effect on me now personally, I do still find I get tired more easily and my memory is a bit worse. I also get confused about some things but only in a minor way.”