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Founded in 2009 by Yianni Papoutsis, a pioneer of street food in the UK, and Scott Collins, MEATliquor are a fast growing restaurant company with a cult following.

Originally housed in the mobile MEATwagon (a second-hand ambulance), they now have restaurants across the UK and recently launched their first overseas venture in Singapore.

In December 2014 Yianni and Scott published a limited edition of The MEATliquor Chronicles: Chapter and Verse in celebration of all things meat and liquor.

Having been diagnosed with Meningitis at the age of 17 and losing three toes to necrosis, Yianni attained an appreciation for every moment in his life.

As a result, all the proceeds raised from the sale of the limited edition MEATliquor Chronicles will be used to fund and support the work of dedicated Meningitis Now’s Community Support Officers, who provide care for the thousands of families affected by meningitis.

Visit MEATliquor online.