Family Days

Providing families affected by meningitis with the opportunity or a fun-filled day out with others who have had a similar experience


Where and When

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What is a Family Day

  • Having fun
  • Making friends
  • Building confidence
  • Sharing meningitis experiences in a relaxed environment
  • Spending quality family time together

“I am glad that I came and I hope to come to more Family Days”
“I had super fun and enjoyed the pig racing and touching the animals, which I haven’t done before”

Comments from young people attending a Family Day

Who can attend

  • Families who have had a personal experience of meningitis 
  • Children up to 16 years of age
  • All abilities welcome

“We could relax as a family and the boys really enjoyed themselves. It was good to attend something and not worry if my son got tired and grumpy, everyone would understand. The boys liked meeting other children and are still taking about the friends they made on the day”

Feedback from parent

What can you expect

  • Up to 20 families 
  • Selected venues across the UK offering a fun and safe day out
  • Fun, family based activities 
  • Parent session (optional) led by Meningitis Now staff in which adults can share their experiences

Whats included

  • Entrance to venue and activities included within the Meningitis Now Family Day programme
  • Refreshments throughout the day, including a buffet lunch
  • Access to Meningitis Now staff and representatives from other appropriate charity organisations

Whats not included

  • Travel cost of getting to and from venue
  • Personal expenditure spent within venue e.g. on-site shop
  • Any other personal costs

What we ask of you

Our Family Days are generously funded by BBC Children in Need; without this funding we would not be able to hold these events for families. Therefore, all we ask is when registering for an event, please ensure you are committed to attend so that all available funded places are filled. If, for unforeseen circumstances you cannot make an event, please let us know as soon as possible to give us the opportunity to offer places to other families.

How to apply

Registration for our Family Days is now open. Click on the links below to register to attend our Family Days.

North Family Day - Sunday 13 May 2018, Farmer Parrs, Fleetwood, Lancs
South West Family Day - Sunday 10 June 2018 (venue to be confirmed)
South East Family Day - Saturday 11 August 2018 (venue to be confirmed)
North Wales Family Day - Sunday 23 September 2018 (venue to be confirmed)
Scotland Family Day - Saturday 27 October 2018, Glasgow (venue to be confirmed)
Northern Ireland Family Day - Saturday 24 November 2018, Belfast (venue to be confirmed)

If you would like more information please call 01453 768000.   

You can follow the Meningitis Now Facebook page.

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