Fundraising ideas

There are loads of ways you can raise funds for us. Let your imagination run wild…and if your imagination isn’t in the mood, we’ve got plenty of ideas to choose from


Fundraising ideas
From the wacky, to the civilised and everything in-between, we’ve seen it all over the years. And we’ve loved it all as every penny raised has made a huge difference to the lives of people affected by meningitis. 

Calendar of fundraising ideas

  • New year, new you. Too much turkey (and all the rest) at Christmas can make you want to get fit in the New Year
  • Take on a challenge for us. Whether it’s a local run, or overseas trek, it’s something to work towards
  • Clear out. Father Christmas’ recent visit left your house filled to the rafters? Have a garage sale or do a car boot to make room and donate what you make to us
  • Resolution time. Why not set a New Years’ resolution that you’ll actually keep? Get sponsored to complete it – that way, there’s no giving up. Now what to choose…?

  • Spread the love. Hold a Valentine’s Day party for all the smug couples you know, or arrange a speed dating night for people who are single and ready to mingle
  • Flippin’ yummy. Invite friends and family over for pancakes and host a competition to see who can do the most flips (without it sticking to the kitchen ceiling), or who can eat the most pancakes?
  • Give it up. If you’re doing Lent, but have zero will power, why not get sponsored to do it? Then you simply can’t nibble that secret bit of chocolate you had hiding at the back of the cupboard

  • Spring into action. Perhaps the ‘new year, new you’ pledge has been forgotten, but it’s not too late to get fit for summer. Take on a challenge for us, large or small, and have fun whilst getting fit
  • Be a Saint. Is it a coincidence that St David’s Day and St Patrick’s Day fall in the same month? We don’t think so – it gives you a lovely choice of theme for a party/fundraising day in March
  • In it to win it. A sweepstake is a really simple and fun way to raise cash with friends or colleagues. March sees the famous Gold Cup horse race happen, so there’s a perfect reason to do it now

  • Egg-cellent fun. Easter egg hunts are brilliant fun for all ages. Host one in your garden, or use a local park – invite friends and their children, hide some treats and ask for donation to take part. You’d best get cracking
  • Gottcha. April Fools Day is a day for fun, so why not use it as an excuse to do something mad? Sign up to a challenging event for us – will anyone believe it’s not an April fool?
  • A very English affair. Celebrate St George’s Day with a themed fundraising day or party. Decorate your home or office and celebrate all things English – tea anyone? 
  • It’s no yoke. Still finding Easter eggs at the back of your cupboard a month on? Why not sell to chocoholic friends, family or colleagues, or melt down and make crispy cakes to sell to them instead? 
  • Bikini ready. The weather is more short sleeves than wooly jumpers by May, so have a clear out of your winter items with a car boot or garage sale. Donate the money you make to us. Hats off to you
  • Star treatment. May the 4th be with you – or rather, may the force be with you. You could use this play on words to host a Star Wars fancy dress day. Or if you’re not a fan, a general movie fancy dress day?
  • Right royal rave. People love an excuse to get together and have a party. So, why not light the BBQ, get the flags out and celebrate the Queen’s birthday. Simply charge people for food and drink
  • Pic of the day. Celebrate British summertime with a picnic – everyone brings a dish to share, then you provide a big cake, or drinks and people donate
  • Giddy up. With Royal Ascot taking place in June, you could host a ‘ladies day’ at work for everyone, male and female, to wear big hats and dress up. Add in a sweepstake and your fundraising will be racing along
  • Be a good sport. Relive your school days by organising a traditional sports day with friends, family or colleagues. The egg and spoon race is guaranteed to bring out people’s competitive streaks
  • Game, set, match. A Wimbledon party is not just for tennis lovers - get people together for strawberries and cream and ask them to dress in their whites. And if you’ve got the room, have a couple of games yourself
  • School’s out. If you have school age children, you could be the coolest parent around and host a ‘school’s out’ picnic/party/BBQ and ask for people coming along to donate
  • Part-tea time. Organise a Time 4 Tea garden party and invite friends and family along. Perhaps run a cake bake competition, have a tombola and add in some competitive garden games. Croquet anyone?
  • Old school style. September is ‘back to school’ month, so why not organise a school disco for friends – fancy dress, school dinners and even a game of tag. Detention for anyone who doesn’t get into the spirit
  • Wrap it up. With the weather getting cooler, it’s a great time to clear out your summer wardrobe to make room for your winter woolies. Do a garage or jumble sale and donate the proceeds to us
  • Golden hour. With the clocks going back, you can use your extra hour to do something brilliant for us – donate an hour’s pay, give up your lunch break to make tea for your colleagues, challenge yourself to swim/run/cycle a distance and get sponsored. Now’s the time to do it
  • Halo-een. Earn yourself a ‘halo’ by doing something good this Halloween. Maybe make cakes for your colleagues, or wash your neighbours cars - giving the donations to us. Or, you could arrange a spooky disco, or fancy dress day in the office - everyone’s bound to be frightfully excited
  • Get quizzical. Doesn’t everyone love a traditional pub quiz? It’s easy to organise, good fun and a great fundraiser - made even better if held in a cosy pub with an open fire
  • Off with a bang. Forego the fireworks display and instead donate the money you would have spent to us. Or, get the BBQ out, invite your friends, roast some marshmallows and do your own display
  • Lose the booze. A quick detox before the festive season is upon us. Get people to sponsor you for giving it up – they’ll be happy to do this, as you’ll be their taxi all month
  • Santa sort out. A pre Christmas clear out is a great way to make space for Santa’s next delivery, whilst raising funds for us. Organise a jumble sale in your local village hall and get other people to do their own Santa sort out and sell too - one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure after all
  • Ditch the cards. Donate the money you would have spent on Christmas cards and instead send an email, or even (dare we say), call friends, family and colleagues to wish them a happy Christmas
  • Festive fast. Christmas can be a time for over indulging and, in some cases, eating until you can’t move. Make room for all the lovely festive food by doing a sponsored diet beforehand. Or, donate what you would have spent on mince pies and mulled wine to us

Our fundraising guide

If you would like to promote your story with your local media, download our media guidelines for supporters document

Most importantly, choose something you will enjoy organising. On behalf of everyone who will benefit from your fundraising, now and in the future, thank you.

Get involved

If you’d like to fundraise for us, we’d love to hear from you. We are here to help you too, so get in touch with our Community Fundraiser in your area to get started.