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Wearing a Meningitis Now pin badge or wristband is a fantastic way to show your support. They are a great item to sell at your fundraising event, and make beautiful wedding favours for your special day

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We ask for a suggested donation of £2.00 for each pin badge or wristband. Place your order today.

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The maximum number of pin badges is 50 and the maximum number of wrist bands you can order online is 30.  If you would like more than this, please call us on 01453 768000.  Thank you. 
2. Your donation
We ask for a suggested donation of £2 per pin badge and £2 per wrist band.  This covers the the cost of producing these items and helps us continue our vital work.  If you would also like to make a small donation of £1.50 towards postage & packing for orders up to £20, we would be most grateful.  Thank you.
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