Alicja's story

27th January 2012

The Dancy family were enjoying a summer break when little Alicja fell ill with a deadly strain of meningococcal septicaemia


"It was supposed to be a happy family vacation. It's January 27th 2012, at 5pm. I was playing happily on the floor with our beautiful 14-month-old little angel Alicja and it was the last day of our holiday."

"Suddenly from nowhere she started crying and was feeling sick with a slight temperature.

"As a logical thinking person I reassured my partner and said: "oh it's probably something she ate" or a stomach upset. How wrong could I have been?

"At 4 am the next morning we were on our way to the hospital as her temperature had gone up and she was practically incoherent. Unfortunately the ambulance crew did not even look at her or medically examine her in anyway. We ended up at the wrong hospital firstly and after an hour of deliberation finally at the ICU for children where she was diagnosed with meningococcal septicaemia."

Waiting for news

"For the next 10 agonising hours, we waited for news as our little angel fought for her life whilst slowly but surely her small organs battled this terrible disease.

"The rash only appeared after we got to hospital and at 9.45pm that evening her heart finally gave way. This illness has changed my perspective on the world and especially this disease.

"If anyone takes anything from this let it be this: if you are unsure go to the doctors, if not the hospital. Do not wait it out. We are left now to pick up the pieces and try to rebuild our lives although without my little princess Alicja, I am not sure I can."

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