Barnaby's story

30th May 2018

Nicola’s young son Barnaby was just about to celebrate his first Christmas when he became ill. Quick action in A&E helped the youngster pull through with no after-effects. Nicola, from Buckinghamshire, shares their story here


“Barnaby is our first child and now coming up to 10 years."

“He was just six months old and getting ready for his first Christmas with me and his dad Martyn when, on 22 December, he was uncomfortable with a high temperature and screaming. We gave him Calpol and he settled down."

“I put him to bed with me so I could keep a close eye on him. We woke at 7am and he had grey colouring. His eyes were rolling and he was moaning."

Fluid was cloudy

“We rushed him straight to A&E, where they acted immediately. Barnaby was administered antibiotics straight away and admitted to the children’s ward in isolation. He had a lumbar puncture and the fluid was cloudy on withdrawal."

“We were told the next 24 hours were crucial."

“Barnaby pulled through with no physical consequences, and was back to his fun-loving self within 14 days."

Doctors very supportive

“We had routine check-ups with the paediatrician and my local doctors’ surgery was very supportive and responsive to any concerns I had for a long while after."

“I was very aware of the symptoms and our local hospital responded quickly, so we couldn’t have asked for more from our medical services."

“Meningitis Now, through their website and social media, have helped me understand the after-effects, and I’ve also now undertaken some fundraising."

“Deep down though, me in particular, we worry about headaches and rashes and are very over-cautious. I feel this is allowed, knowing the lives that meningitis has taken.”

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