Becca’s story

14th January 2016

Shirley’s daughter Becca, from Southport on Merseyside, came down with meningitis as a 10-month-old baby in 1992

Becca letterbox
Despite having a range of symptoms including floppiness, sleepiness, a high-pitched cry, sensitivity to touch, a high temperature and rolling eyes, it took four days before meningitis was suspected. 

Fortunately, Becca made a good recovery. Shirley recounts their story here.

“My 10-month-old baby was crying and whinging on that Thursday and she had a very high temperature. We called out the GP on call, who diagnosed a virus but said to go to surgery the following day if she was no better."

“By the Friday morning she was no longer able to sit up and had a very high pitched cry. Her eyes were starting to roll."

“We took her to the surgery and saw the same doctor who had seen her the previous night. He said he thought she had improved and to keep her cool and give her fluids."

“I thought doctor knew best."

“On the Saturday she slept all day. We woke her to give her fluids and she was becoming sensitive to touch. I was told she would sleep herself better." 

“By the Sunday her eyes were rolling and she was sleeping all the time. My friend came round and saw her and said we should call the doctor again."

“A different doctor came round, checked her neck and said he suspected meningitis. We didn't have time to wait for an ambulance and took her straight to hospital, where she had a lumbar puncture. She was unconscious by now."

“She was in hospital for two and a half weeks for treatment, but was apparently left with no ill effects, although at two-years-old she developed Tourette’s syndrome."

“Becca did not develop a rash and I would like people to be aware that meningitis does not always have a rash.”

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