Danielle's story

9th April 2016

Julie Senior, of Redditch, saw her life change in a flash as meningitis cruelly took her six-year-old daughter’s life within just 24 hours


As her experience highlights, the disease strikes fast and its impact changes lives forever. Julie recalls her sad story here.

“Our family were holidaying in Devon in June 2001 when our six-year-old daughter, Danielle, fell ill.”

“She seemed perfectly well until she woke up at 7am on the Friday morning (15 June) with what appeared to be a general sickness bug. We gave paracetamol and put her back to bed keeping a very close eye on her.”

“As the day went on she worsened, becoming more and more ill. She was suffering with sickness, a high temperature, sleepiness, confusion, cold hands and feet, and a rapid heart rate. On way to the local doctor she became unresponsive so we called an ambulance which came to our holiday site. She was rushed to hospital but it was all too much for her, and sadly Danielle died at 10pm that very same night. She had contracted MenB.”

Meningitis signs and symptoms children - fever

Trust your instincts

If you’re worried about meningitis, trust your instincts and seek medical help immediately. If you have had medical advice and are still worried, get medical help again as early diagnosis can be difficult. Know the signs and symptoms