Ellis W-S's story

16th January 2018

Emma’s five day old son Ellis had no clear symptoms of meningitis but was clearly not right. But it soon became obvious that he was seriously ill


Fortunately the battling youngster has made a good recovery. Emma, from Hinckley in Leicestershire tells their story here.

“Ellis made an early arrival into the world on Easter Sunday last year, and after a quick stay on the neonatal unit, came home a few days later."

“He had been feeding well and doing all the things you'd expect a new born to be doing… until late on Friday night, when he stopped feeding and became lethargic. He was not feverish, there were no sign of obvious illness, no rash... he was just sleepy."

Stopped breathing

“After several calls I decided to take him to the Leicester Royal Infirmary. On arrival, it became obvious very quickly that he was seriously ill. They struggled to get a temperature as he was so cold and he stopped breathing."

“I was told to get George, his dad, to the hospital as soon as possible. My world started to fall apart."

“He was quickly moved on to the Children's Intensive Care Unit where they put in a vent to breathe for him and they began the tests and rounds of drugs."

Viral meningitis confirmed

“All came back inconclusive, until they did a lumbar puncture a few days later, confirming viral meningitis."

“Ellis was lucky and came home a couple of weeks later. We are fortunate that there seem to be no obvious after-effects, but it could have been very different."

“Now I’m keen to raise as much awareness as I can about meningitis and funds for Meningitis Now. I’ve recently held a Time 4 Tea and the nursery is planning a Toddle Waddle in the spring. I also plan to abseil down the church spire later in the year!”

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