Grayson's story

18th February 2017

Grayson was born with meningitis and fell ill again several weeks later, leaving him with an acquired brain injury. Every day is hard but he fights back bravely, as mum Bethany explains


“Born prematurely at 35 weeks, Grayson was born with meningitis, weighing a tiny 4 lb 0.8oz. He was grunting, crying constantly and wouldn’t eat. He fought so hard and eventually he was allowed home.”

“After a wonderful two weeks at home Grayson began to deteriorate. He had contracted the same meningitis again and this time it had gone to his brain. Grayson sadly had a stroke and it has left him brain damaged.”

“Every day is hard and Grayson fights through each difficult day to overcome daily life. He is the bravest, strongest little angel.”