Harry D's story

6th November 2015

When 17 year old Shelby from Bolton, went to babysit her brother, nothing could have prepared her for the devastating events that would follow

Harry D
She remembers her beautiful baby brother’s final moments here.

“On Thursday the 19th February I went to my Dad’s to babysit my baby brother, Harry. I noticed he wasn't his usual happy self; he had an unusual cry and was very floppy. He refused his food, just wanting to sleep and then he started to vomit.”

“I knew something wasn't right so I phoned my Dad and Stepmum and told them to come home straight away. They also knew something was very wrong so we called an ambulance straight away.”

“The ambulance took my Harry to Bolton hospital then referred him to Manchester where they diagnosed him with meningococcal meningitis. They said he wouldn't survive more than 24 hours.”

“24 hours later Harry was still fighting for his life. However, we were told that we needed to turn his machines off because he was at high risk of having a heart attack.”

“So, on 20th February 2015 my beautiful baby brother Harry Done spread his wings and flew to heaven, the worst moment of my entire life.”

“All parents and family members need to be aware of this disease. If they see any signs, even if it's just a bit of vomit, I urge them not to hesitate to take their child to the hospital.”

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