John's story

19th December 2015

Alison and Simon’s son John, from Sheffield, became limp, floppy and unresponsive in November 2015. He was rushed straight to hospital where he was diagnosed with Group B strep. Alison takes up their story 


“My son John was four-weeks-old when we struggled to wake him and he hadn't fed for over six hours."

“He was limp, floppy, unresponsive and refused to feed. He also developed a high fever, mottled skin and had a high pitch cry. He appeared to have a pain in the neck and cold hands and feet."

“We took him straight to our local A&E, where they said he more than likely had a cold.”

“After refusing to accept this, they sent us to the Children's Ward who immediately took him away for blood tests and a lumbar puncture.”

“They warned us it could be meningitis and within a couple of hours we had a diagnosis and discovered a few days later he had septicaemia as well.”

“John is now doing really well and thriving. I’m so grateful to the staff on the children’s ward who treated him, because things could have been so different.”

“He will have routine follow-ups throughout his childhood but so far so good – he has been hearing tested in depth and that came back with no problems.”

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