Lindsay's story

20th October 2017

Lindsay, from Keith in Moray, fell ill with a severe headache which she couldn’t throw off with painkillers or sleep. Her condition worsened and she was sent to hospital, where viral meningitis was confirmed. She tells her story here


“My meningitis story started two months ago on a Tuesday.

“I started to get a severe headache that afternoon. It started from my eyes right down to the back of my head. Thinking it must be a migraine (I don't get migraines) I went to bed early hoping to sleep it off. I woke on Wednesday with pain from my eyes right down my head and neck and through the day spreading down to my spine. I was taking regular painkillers and strong ibuprofen but they only lightened the pain slightly between doses.

“I went to bed that night still in pain but feeling really sick and fluey. I woke early on Thursday and could hardly move. I called the doctor at 8am for a home appointment and she said I'd be seen quicker if I went in!

Knew straight away

“I definitely couldn't make it in so I waited until 12:20 when thankfully a different doctor than I spoke to before came out. He knew almost straight away I had meningitis (viral) and called an ambulance.

“My symptoms were now fever - again tablets hardly shifted this - eye, head, neck and spine pain, flu symptoms but not in arms and legs - they just felt weak - and retching.

“The telltale sign for the doctor was my neck - there was no way it was moving forward to touch my chest. One, it was way too sore to move it anyway and two, it's like it was stuck, it just wouldn't go forward.

“In A&E Elgin I got a CT scan then a lumbar puncture and was put on an IV drip for antibiotics, antivirals, pain relief and fluids.

Meningitis confirmed

Viral meningitis was confirmed 90% a few hours afterwards and 100% after two days, but a really bad case of it. I had to stay in hospital for 10 days. On day 10 I was allowed out with my remaining antiviral tablets for another week and told to rest.

“I was signed off work for four weeks and then when I went back was on reduced hours for up to six weeks. I still get headaches now and again eight weeks later but they aren't daily any more.

“I'm 37, healthy and this bug still got to me. It can hit anyone any time so be aware of the symptoms guys!”

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