Luke T's story

13th February 2019

Luke, from Caversham, is following in the footsteps of his fundraising mum and running in this year’s Reading Half Marathon to raise money for Meningitis Now

Luke T bacterial meningitis case study

Here he talks about his experience of meningitis and why it inspired him to take part in the race.

“I was rushed to Royal Berkshire Hospital aged two years in February 2000. My mum instinctively felt I was unwell. No rash but drowsy, sore neck, pale and I had a high temperature."

“Local doctors prescribed antibiotics and the hospital assessed and put me on the High Dependency Unit (HDU). I was diagnosed with meningococcal septicaemia. Overnight I worsened and a team from St Mary’s Paddington came and checked me over with regard to transfer to London."

“Luckily I improved and after 5 days in hospital was sent home to recuperate. I really feel I was one of the lucky ones – we just keep thanking our lucky stars that swift action from my mum and from doctors and the hospital mean that I am fine."

Raise money and awareness

“Since that time, my mum has held coffee mornings, card sale parties, sponsored walks etc to raise money for Meningitis Now. And in my 21st year I have decided to run the Reading Half Marathon in March to raise money and awareness.”

You can support Luke via his JustGiving page. To find out more about getting involved in an event to raise money for Meningitis Now,  please visit our Fundraising pages.

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