Mia H's story

21st December 2018

Seventeen-year-old Mia, from Merriott in Somerset, had agonising leg pain, a headache and nausea in September. When this hadn’t cleared up after a few days she went to hospital, where viral meningitis was diagnosed. She tells her story here

Mia's viral meningitis story

“It was believed that I contracted meningitis from a festival the day before my symptoms started."

“It started with waking up in the night with agonising aching pain throughout my whole legs. This went on for about four nights until one day I woke up faint and nauseous."

Help with the pain

“My mum took me into hospital where I was seen straight away. I had a brain scan as they were worried about a possible bleed on my brain. At this point I did not care what it was as long as someone could help the pain."

“The scan came back clear, so I was put on IV antivirals and antibiotics straight away in order to give me the best chance of recovery. After a lumbar puncture I was finally diagnosed. I was admitted with concern for my memory as well as worries of how well my legs would function."

Five days in hospital

“After five days in the hospital I was discharged with an expected full recovery and with my final course of tablets. I am still struggling everyday mentally and with pains in my legs. I have depression and PTSD, fatigue and nerve pain in my legs. However, I am more or less functioning properly.  I am having acupuncture and counselling to help which is helping me look forward to a future where I have fully beaten meningitis.”

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