Ollie's story

20th May 2015

When Michelle, from Newry in Northern Ireland, discovered a rash on her baby Ollie’s tummy in mid-March he was whisked straight to hospital

Ollie R
Thankfully he made an amazing recovery and is now a happy ten-month-old. Michelle takes up their story.

“Ollie had vomited in the afternoon and was pale and clingy. I spoke to the doctor who prescribed anti-sickness tablets. The vomiting stopped, but he remained pale and tired and just wanted hugs."

“At about 8.30 he had some supper and his bottle. We didn’t put him to bed until we were going at 9.55. I went to check his temperature and lifted his vest and he had a rash on his belly."

“I had a feeling something was really wrong, so we went straight to A&E."

Critically ill

“Less than two hours later Ollie was on life support and waiting for a specialist team to arrive from the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children."

“He was critically ill. He was on life support for six days with meningococcal septicaemia. We really thought he might die."

“His right hand had started to change colour and we were at risk of it being badly damaged, resulting in the possible loss of fingers."

“But he made the most amazing recovery. He was in hospital for 13 days and he totally amazed the doctors and nurses."

“He is now a happy boy, almost 10 months old. He is a miracle boy who fought the biggest battle.”

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