Riley G's story

24th November 2018

Lisa’s young son Riley has been left with lifelong after-effects of meningitis but he never lets anything slow him down or stop him for long

Riley G TB bacterial meningitis case study

Lisa, from Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, tells the story of her young inspiration here.

“After two or three hospital visits and being sent home with a virus or dehydration diagnosis I finally called an ambulance when my baby Riley was having a seizure."

“Tests were done and he was diagnosed with meningitis and we were transferred."

“After three days there was no improvement and things had become worse. He was then put to sleep and ambulanced to Addenbrookes Hospital and straight into surgery for a drain."


“I was told he had hydrocephalus and it was at a life-threatening stage."

“He then spent 10 days in intensive care in isolation after being declared as TB induced meningitis. He was on various medications and finally moved to the ward where he spent a further seven weeks."

“He finally had a permanent shunt put in and I took an 18 month old home who could no longer even sit up for himself. I was told he would be paralysed on his right side and he’d never walk."

“Eight years on he has been left with cerebral palsy, a third nerve palsy with very limited vision in one eye and learning difficulties – but he’s here!"

“He never lets anything slow him down or stop him for long. Extensive hospital appointments and various treatments and he just gets on with it. Truly an inspiration!”

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