Rubyann's story

12th December 2015

Laura’s daughter Rubyann, from Stalybridge in Greater Manchester, contracted meningitis is July 2011 as a baby. But she’s a fighter and is now a healthy, intelligent, fun loving four-year-old. Laura tells their story


“I woke up on Sunday morning and Rubyann was still asleep. I had to wake her up to give her some bottle. She had a tiny amount.”

“I continued with my usual day, getting ready to go to my dad’s. Rubyann was sleepy most of that morning. I woke her again in the afternoon. She took some milk and was sick; the first time she had been sick."

“I got to my dad’s and she was still asleep; she would have usually had two or three full bottles by now. I noticed her chest was red and hot, so I decided to ring the doctor, who told me to bring her down straight away. She had no rash.”   

Checked her temperature

“They checked her temperature and it was 39.8, so, he sent us straight to the Children's Ward at hospital. They did a number of tests, including a lumbar puncture, which confirmed that she had meningitis. They told me she would need treatment for up to two weeks. "

“Unfortunately, on the Tuesday, Rubyann had seizures and had to be put in an induced coma to save her life. She was transferred to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital’s ICU."

“Luckily for us we have a fighter. She got through ICU and HDU and even smiled for the first time in hospital, where she spent a month of her tiny life.”

“She is a now a healthy, intelligent, fun loving four-year-old, who brings joy to many people's lives.”

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