Skye T's story

9th February 2021

After a difficult birth and at just four days old Sophie and Chris’s daughter Skye went grey and limp and stopped breathing. She was resuscitated and rushed to hospital, where viral meningitis was diagnosed

Skye T's viral meningitis story

After fighting hard for three weeks she came home, as Sophie, from London, tells us here.

“Skye was born early on 23 January 2020 following a placental abruption (when the placenta separates early from the uterus, in other words separates before childbirth). Although dramatic, all seemed well and she was discharged home two days later.

“However, at just four days old Skye stopped breathing while feeding. She went blue/grey and completely limp. Her daddy managed to resuscitate her while we waited for the ambulance to arrive and Skye was admitted to hospital.

Increasingly lethargic

“Over the next few days Skye became increasingly lethargic, waking for just a couple of minutes each day and having a number of further apnoeas. 

“After three lumbar punctures Skye was diagnosed with viral meningitis and, while a diagnosis came as a relief, knowing there was no cure was heart-breaking. 

“Skye's condition continued to deteriorate and she was moved to intensive care at one week old.

Fought so hard

“Skye fought so hard and, after just a few days, she began to show signs of improvement. We began to feel hopeful of the future until a heart echo showed that the virus had attacked her heart muscle and she was diagnosed with myocarditis. We felt totally helpless.

“Skye was transferred to a specialist cardiac centre where she was put on medication that eased the burden on her heart to give it an opportunity to recover. 

“Skye continued to fight so hard, eventually staying awake for 30 minutes or more and looking around when the lights were down low (it was clear she was affected by bright lights).

Remained on medication

“At almost three weeks old she was discharged home. She remained on medication for her heart for a number of months and will be monitored until she is at least 18 years old.

“We wanted to share Skye's story to highlight that there does not need to be a rash, fever or seizure for it to be meningitis.

“I found the meningitis stories on the Meningitis Now website extremely helpful and comforting during Skye's experience of meningitis. I wanted to share Skye's story to help those who may feel the same.”

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