Tamily's story

25th February 2015

Tamily Butterton dismissed her severe headache, putting it down to too much sleep. But, in the middle of the night, her headache worsened and following advice from the out of hours doctor, Tamily called an ambulance


Paramedics arrived, but left soon after suspecting that Tamily was suffering a migraine. In less than half an hour Tamily’s condition deteriorated and she began being sick, she felt confused, and discovered a dislike of bright lights. 

A second ambulance was called and in hospital Tamily was diagnosed with viral meningitis, she spent a total of two and a half weeks there.

Today, she still suffers the after-effects of meningitis, including further headaches, nerve pain, extreme fatigue, and a stiff neck. It’s been a tough year for Tamily, but with the support of Meningitis Now and her family, she is fighting back, and is keen to educate others on the signs and symptoms of meningitis.

In September 2011 Tamily did a sponsored abseil for our charity and this year is holding a Toddle Waddle for the under 5s.

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