Thomas M's story

11th February 2015

When Pauline Egan's son fell ill with meningitis his condition deteriorated fast


"Thomas's death was very quick and unexpected. The night before he died he got up out of bed as he was a little sick on his bed in the early hours. I checked him over and he was okay, no temperature or anything. He said he was okay and got into bed beside his brother and went back to sleep."

"In the morning he got up as normal and I knew something wasn't right with him. He wasn't his normal cheery self and didn't want anything to eat or drink. I phoned the doctors and explained. They said it was nothing to worry about and gave me an appointment for 2.25pm that afternoon. There was no rash, no temperature. Nothing. I got him dressed and we went out to the mother and toddler group. He did come round after the toddler group.

"I took him to the doctor's appointment and when we went in she wanted to listen to his chest. When she lifted his top he had these really big black blotches over his body. She didn't tell me what it was, just phoned an ambulance then told me what she thought it was. I had never heard of meningitis. I was heartbroken on the way to hospital as the paramedics were trying to put the oxygen mask on his face and he kept reaching out to me screaming mummy and I felt useless. My son wasn't in the hospital even an hour when he died.

"We were told how sorry everyone was but I wanted my son back. He was only two but he was the life and soul of any party. I miss him terribly."

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