Tim F's story

19th April 2016

Tim Fear, of Totterdown in Bristol, was one of the children caught up in the original meningitis outbreak in Stroud in the 1980s that saw the birth of Meningitis Now. He tells his story here 

Tim F

“I was part of the Stroud outbreak of the 1980s, when at the time in the Stroud area, this type of meningitis was 17.5 times the national average.” 

“I'm 35 now and have very few memories of the illness.”   

“Local television came to my house to film a local news feature and I have the original newspaper feature.”

“I shared a bedroom with my 11-year-old brother at the time and I believe he alerted my parents to something being wrong.”

Tim’s parents Roger and Patricia called for a doctor but it was three hours before one came out. Tim was transferred to Gloucester Hospital where he was barrier nursed, with his father keeping a 24 hour a day vigil by his bedside. 

“I follow all meningitis news with interest and raise funds for meningitis charities whenever I can.  It’s a cause which will be forever dear to my heart. I very much consider myself one of the lucky ones and my heart goes out to all those who have lost friends and family from the illness.”

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