Will C's story

22nd January 2018

Fifteen-year-old Will, from Overstrand in Norfolk, had sickness, headache, dizziness and aversion to light in 1970

Will C

His GP diagnosed a virus but on the way home Will collapsed. He tells his story here.

“I went with my mother to see my GP when I was feeling sick. The doctor diagnosed a virus and sent me home to rest with no medication other than recommending paracetamol."

“On the way home I collapsed on a grass verge and was assisted home by some strangers. My mother called the doctor, who made a house call after his surgery. He examined me and then called a colleague in to give a second opinion."

Suspected meningitis

“The second doctor suspected meningitis and called for an ambulance to take me to hospital immediately."

“I was admitted almost straight away and taken to a room where a lumbar puncture was administered."

“They later confirmed I had viral meningitis and I spent three weeks in the hospital recuperating. I was sent home but never received any advice or follow-up and remained in the dark into what the long-term effects of this may be.”

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