World Meningitis Day - 24 April 2020

Let's Defeat Meningitis Together

World meningitis day 2020; let's defeat meningitis

In these difficult times where concern about our health and that of our loved ones is rightly focused is on COVID-19, it is important that we don’t forget about fighting to prevent the estimated 8,000 cases of meningitis that will sadly occur in the UK in the coming year.

Together we have fought meningitis for over 30 years and with 5 vaccinations under our belt to prevent the disease and with case numbers showing a decline, we are getting closer than ever before to effective management of this most feared disease. As we move towards the end of week 5 in ’lockdown’ in the UK, we are still fighting to prevent this disease; fighting to save lives and minimise its effects should someone contract it. We have come so far and yet, even during this time where social distancing reduces the spread of the disease, people have and will continue to contract meningitis.

For these people and to those who will experience the disease in the future we are calling on you to help us prevent, reduce and limit the impact of meningitis on this World Meningitis Day – many battles may have been won – but the war and fight against meningitis continues. To continue the fight against meningitis please make sure that your children are up to date with their vaccines, know the signs and symptoms of the disease and if you suspect meningitis, please seek medical help immediately. 

You can also help to fight meningitis by supporting our efforts to raise funds for Meningitis Now and other UK charities by taking part in the 2.6 Challenge or by making a donation – we need your support like never before!  

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World Meningitis Day 2020 videos

A truly global disease

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