Social media

You don't just have to pick up the phone to ring us - we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as HealthUnlocked

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How we use social media

We use social media to react to breaking news, update supporters and share information - just like you do with your friends and followers. But our social media channels are about more than just sharing what we are up to - you can also share your own pictures and stories with us. We love to read about fundraising events and seeing snaps of our supporters.

Our main Facebook page has grown into a thriving community, many of those who have liked us have been directly affected by meningitis themselves and have shared their stories with us. If you are taking part in an event like the London Marathon or our Five Valleys Walk, you can find out more information on our Facebook event pages and share your training tips with other participants. We also have regional community pages where you can find out what is going on where you live and what your local Community Support and Fundraising Officers are up to. 

On Twitter we have a large following - ranging from media contacts and business partners to hospitals, schools and football clubs,  they are brilliant for sharing awareness messages with a big audience and promoting our work.

Our HealthUnlocked forum is a place where you can share your meningitis experience and ask questions about the disease.

Instagram is great and we are using it to share images of events like our Five Valleys Walk, pictures of behind the scenes at our Head Office and photos and stories from our supporters.

Contacting us 

We also know that not everyone wants to ask us questions over the phone or by email - so we are more than happy to answer your meningitis questions on your chosen channel, whether it is via @reply, direct message or a post on a wall. 

We aim to answer all questions as soon as we can and do monitor all our social channels outside normal office hours. Sometimes we might need to refer you information on our website or ask one of our specialists for further details but we will still get you a response.

Nobody should have to deal with the impact of meningitis alone and we are there for you, on the main social media channels.

Where to find us @meningitisnow @meningitis_now