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Due to data protection laws, we need your permission to contact you about our work. We’re dedicated to the fight against meningitis, but it’s a fight we can’t win alone. We need you – our supporters. Please will you stay in the fight and give us permission to stay in touch?

You can decide what kind of information you’d like to receive from us, and whether you receive this information by email, post, phone or SMS. 

If you’d rather not hear from us that’s ok too – we only want to contact you if you’re 100% happy with this. Simply fill in the form below. You can change your preferences at any time.

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Meningitis Information - includes updates about the impact of the disease, vaccine programmes, our campaigns, and media activity How we support those affected - includes our Family Days, Believe & Achieve weekends, Forever Days, invitations to some key events organised by us e.g. Christmas Carol Concerts How you can support us - includes information about donating your time through volunteering or organising fundraising activities, how to get involved by taking part in an event such as Three Peaks Challenge, or our Five Valleys Walk and how you can donate to us through our cash appeals, or by purchasing merchandise e.g. Christmas cards

We will only communicate with you about the aspect(s) of our work you’ve requested, in the way(s) that you have requested. We may also contact you for administrative purposes or to fulfil a service or request.  We never sell our supporter data and only share this with suppliers helping us in our cause. To find out more about how we process personal data and respect your rights, please visit our privacy policy.
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