Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve B&A staff member Becky Hartwell

Every person I meet has an important story and I feel honoured when they tell me theirs

Becky Hartwell

Believe & Achieve Co-ordinator

Hi, I'm Becky, Meningitis Now's Believe & Achieve Programme Co-ordinator

The year you joined the charity

September 2017.

A brief overview of your role - what are you responsible for?

I lead the Believe & Achieve Programme, which includes running events, travelling around the UK to meet people for a chat, posting on social media, and training peer mentors. With the B&A team I do what I can to ensure that 14-25 year olds who have been impacted by meningitis get what they need to achieve their goals, overcome challenges, make new friends and believe in themselves.

Your favourite part of your role

My favourite part of my role is getting to meet a variety of people. Every person I meet has an important story and I feel honoured when they tell me theirs. 

Your biggest achievements

My biggest achievement in work was planning, launching and running the first year of Believe & Achieve, with the support of lots of great people from the B&A team and Meningitis Now. We’ve seen lots of people achieve their goals and change their lives and that is what makes me smile at the end of the day (you should know I am super cheesy at times!).

My biggest achievement outside of work was when I did a parachute jump, even though I couldn’t stop shaking with fear. And as silly as it sounds, a month later when I’d contracted glandular fever and everything felt impossible I remembered making that jump. It made doing simple things I was struggling with a little bit easier.

A fun fact about yourself

When I did work experience at school I went to the Tellytubby set and got to see all the interesting behind the scenes work. I even brushed Tinky Winky’s costume!

How you can be contacted

I can be contacted via email at, you call me on 01453 769 049 or message me on Facebook.