Meningitis Now Safety Team volunteer Jo Killick

it’s a real honour and privilege to be part of the team

Jo Killick

Safety Crew

Introducing Meningitis Now Safety Team member Jo Killick

Day job - Fundraiser for Together Against Cancer.

What is the best part of being a Safety Team member? - All of it. I get to volunteer for a charity that provides amazing support to so many people and is a truly fantastic cause; helping the participants to achieve what they might have thought was impossible and seeing them work so hard through their personal fears and doubts to complete the challenge is incredibly rewarding. All of this whilst getting to work with my fellow amazing teammates (who are like a big extended family) - it’s a real honour and privilege to be part of the team.

I dislike it when - I run out of snacks! I’m a constant grazer and Skittles, salt and vinegar crisps and bananas are my weapons of choice.

I like it when - I'm walking down off Scafell Pike in the early hours the morning – it’s just the team on the hill, the views are amazing as the sun rises and you’ve got that half-exhilarated/half-exhausted feeling  - it’s my favourite part of any challenge.

Best piece of advice to someone starting their training? - Get out on the hill as much as possible - break in your boots, wear your rucksack and get used to walking for 3-4hrs at a time - the fitter you are, the easier you will find it. It’s also a mental challenge though, the quote “the mind gives up long before the body does” is very apt - keep in mind what inspired or encouraged you to sign up in the first place (and a couple of jelly babies always helps at a low moment!).

Our UK treks and challenges couldn’t go ahead without our invaluable safety team and qualified mountain leaders. Each and every one of them retain expert knowledge, understanding and a passion for outdoor pursuits and the mountains we climb. They are on hand to ensure the wellbeing of our participants, navigating them through each trek safely and providing words of encouragement to help everyone complete their challenge.