I have lots of ideas to spark your imagination and remember nothing is impossible

Joanne Wilson

Community Fundraiser

Jo Wilson is the Community Fundraising Officer for Northern Ireland. If you would like to support our work by fundraising for us, Joanne is here to help you with any of your fundraising needs.

Jo is currently on maternity leave, if you need assistance please contact the details below.

Joanne is friendly, full of ideas, and can act as single point of contact with us, so that you get the support and any materials that you might need, quickly. Joanne can also help organise cheque presentations and awareness talks and will make sure you are thanked for every penny that you raise for us.

So, whether you want to organise a gala ball, hold a Time 4 Tea event, or find out about the latest adrenalin event in your area, you can contact Joanne directly on

No matter how you want to support Meningitis Now, Jo is always there to help.

“Hi everyone, just a quick one to introduce myself as part of the Northern Ireland community team. 

“I have been in community fundraising for over seven years, so there is nothing I haven’t done or seen. From scaling down Cave Hill, to auctioning a ferret and a donkey – it’s true! I have lots of ideas to spark your imagination and remember nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. I can also help guide you on the promotion of your event, raising the money and the legal things (the boring bit), to make sure your event is a success.

“So, whether you are an adrenalin junkie and want to skydive or firewalk, or you like your comforts and want to host a Time 4 Tea event or maybe your tiny tot wants to do a Toddle Waddle – I’d love to hear from you."