Meningitis Now staff - Lisa Ellis

My biggest achievement is walking from Stroud to London and raising lots of money

Lisa Ellis

Supporter Care Administrator

Hi! I'm Lisa, Supporter Care Administrator at Meningitis Now

The year you joined the charity

December 2018.

A brief overview of your role – what are you responsible for?

A variety of admin tasks within the Supporter Care team.

Your favourite part of your role

Being part of such a dedicated, supportive charity.

Your biggest achievements

Walking from The Four Clocks in Stroud to Big Ben in London and raising lots of money.

A fun fact about yourself

My friends and I usually dress as nuns when going to festivals! It seems to make people more friendly towards us and they allow us to pass by, making it easier to get to the front of the stage!

How you can be contacted

Email me at or call me on 01453 769 035.