Meningitis Now Trustee Randy Weeks

Randy contracted viral meningitis when he was four

Randy Weeks


Randy retired in 2017 as CEO of a medium sized international ad agency group, with offices in the UK, Germany, Russia and China.

He has over 40 years' board-level experience working on brand strategy, marketing strategy and communications for national and international businesses. 

Randy is currently a Trustee of The Child Accident Prevention Trust, advises a major sports membership organisation, supports a number of SMEs looking to scale up and runs three horse racing syndicates. He is married with two children and five grandchildren and lives in the Cotswolds.

Randy contracted viral meningitis when he was four, his daughter when she was thirteen and his sister when she was in her thirties.

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    Chris Philipsborn


    Chris is Executive Vice President and London Managing Partner at Kreab Worldwide, a strategic global communications agency.

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    James is the Chief Risk & Compliance Officer for DAS UK Group, having previously worked in governance roles across Higher Education and Financial Services.

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    Sam Blackie is an experienced Human Resources Director, with a specific focus on developing and implementing the strategic people agenda, leading complex change and working with a broad range of stakeholders.

  • Meningitis Now trustee Rod Adlington

    Rod Adlington


    The Adlington family lost their son Barney to meningitis in 2005 and have fundraised since, mainly through "Barney's Bash", a series of farm-based, one night mini festivals.